Configuring internet explorer to block access to unauthorized internet websites

Platform: - windows Xp, Windows me, windows 98, Windows 2000 professional
Keywords: - : How to configure Internet Explorer to block access to all but approved Internet sites
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Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

This article explains how to block access to unauthorized internet websites. We need proper content filtering software like web sense and surf control to have an internet access policy and to control the internet access. We can use the simple internet explorer trip as explained in this article.

Here we will be setting up  Microsoft Internet Explorer so that no sites can be viewed, except those that are explicitly allowed by an Administrator. This is done through the Content Advisor system within Internet Explorer itself. To do this you must not be using Content Advisor or any 3rd Party Content Advisor application that interfaces directly into Internet Explorer.

NOTE: Content Advisor settings apply to all users on the local computer and cannot be changed by users who are not administrators on the local computer (Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 only). You cannot create different Content Advisor settings for different users on the same computer.

To Configure Content Advisor

  1. Copy the text below and paste it into Notepad:

 (rating-system "")
(rating-service "")
(name "Noaccess")
(description "This file will block all sites.")

(transmit-as "m")
(name "Yes")
(name "Level 0:   No Setting")
(description "No Setting")
(value 0) )
(name "Level 1:   No Setting")
(description "No Setting")
(value 1) ) ))

Name this file noaccess.rat, and make sure that it is a normal ASCII text file. Save this file into the following directory:
Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 = winnt\system32
Windows 95 or 98, windows XP = C:\WINDOWS\system (assuming that the windows in installed in C directory)
2. In Control Panel, double-click to open the Internet Options icon, and then click the Content tab.
3. Click Enable.

If the Enable button is not visible, and you only see the Disable button, then Content Advisor is already enabled and you should stop now or risk losing all your existing settings. If you wish to continue, then click the Settings button in place of the Enable button.
4. On the General tab, click the Rating Systems button, and then remove all the existing rating systems entries.
5. Click Add, and then click to select noaccess.rat.
6. Click OK to close the Rating Systems window.
7. Select the Approved Sites tab.
8. Add only the sites that you want users to be able to access, and then click the Always button.

All other settings should be left at their default settings. If you have used Content Advisor before and made any changes, there are two settings that must be put back to their default values.
9. Click the General tab, and make sure that under User options, the setting Users can see sites that have no rating is not checked.
10. Click the Advanced tab. Under Ratings bureau, set the Ratings bureau list box to [None].

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