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Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

Sometime you feel that it will be amazing that we can read the contents of our favorite website without connecting to internet. There are many tools available for downloading the contents of a website and reading it offline. How amazing it will be if you can read your favorite website offline without installing any new software. Well, internet explorer 6 and higher offers a feature for reading a website offline. Here we will be discussing two methods available for saving website contents.

Method 1:-
You save your current webpage into your hard disk, in the internet explorer window click File ---->Save as
Choose the location where you want to save this webpage and in the “Save as Type” menu select “Web Archive, Single File). And save your file. You would have noticed that whenever you save a webpage it creates lot of folders, pictures etc. Using the option shown here everything is saved to a single file. Saving it as a "Web Page, complete" stores the HTML file as well as associated graphics, in a folder structure. Saving it as a "Web Page, HTML only" saves just the HTML file itself, with no associated graphics and no folder structure

saving a website

Method 2:-

If you want to save the webpage as well as the links inside the webpage you can follow this method. Once the page that you want to view offline is fully loaded, in the favorites menu, click on add to favorites, while doing so click the option “Make available offline”.


If you want more advanced optioned like how many links deep you want pages saved, schedule for updating that page etc click on customize as shown below.

adding a website to favorites in internet explorer

The following wizard starts

offline favorites wizard

The following option asks for how many links deep you want pages saved

saving a website offline

Below option asks for the schedule for updating that page.

synchronizing a website for offline viewing

If the website requires any passwords you can specify in the below mentioned screen.
saving a webpage

Click on finish to finally save the page.
website save

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