Remotely restarting a windows server

Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

We often require to remotely shutdown or restart a windows 2003, windows 200, NT and XP, Vista computers. This can be done using Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Login to any windows machine and right click the My computer icon, click on manage. Now right click on computer management and click on connect to another computer as shown below.

remotrly restarting a windows server

Type the IP address or hostname of computer you want to restart/shutdown. You may click on browse also and then select the computer to be restarted/shutdown.

In the new window, click on computer management and then on properties. Click on advanced tab. Click on the Startup and recovery Settings button. Following screen will appear.

Remotely shutdown a windows server

Click on the shutdown button. You will have the following options as shown in picture to
Log off current user, Shutdown, restart the windows server.

Remote shutdown windows XP,Vista, 2003

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