clearing the startup programs in wondows xp

Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

Does your pc take lot of time to start? One of the reasons could be a lot of programs starts when the system boot up. When you installs a new software some of them makes a entry into startup programs which means they starts automatically whenever you starts your pc. How to get rid of unnecessary startup programs. You can use the following two methods.

Method 1:- removing unnecessary startup software/ programs from the windows startup folder

Click in start--> Programs --> startup --> right click --> Open all users

You can delete the shortcuts of any programs you don't want to run on startup. Please note that you are only deleting the shortcuts not the software itself so no need to worry.

Method 2:- Removing unnecessary startup programs using msconfig.exe

MSConfig a tool coming with Windows which includes a basic start-up manager and it allows you to enable/disable auto-start programs.

Click in start --> run  --> type msconfig.exe and hit enter
Navigate to startup option as shown below.


Uncheck the box next to the program that you don’t want to run at the startup of your pc. All the programs which are checked runs when you start your system. Restart the system for the changes to take effect.

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