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You might have seen many advertisements on the internet that asks money to submit your website to search engines and get your pages indexed in those search engines. Well it’s not that tough. You can also submit your website to top search engines. These search engines and web directories will require your URL. The URL (Universal Resource Locator) is your full website address (for example or

One of the best ways to start promoting your website is to submit it in major search engines. Here is the list of urls for submitting your website to different search engines.



Msn or live search


Lycos  (This is not free) you can submit your sitemap in which will get your website indexed on by following link.

If you want to submit your website to a particular search engine which is not listed here you may go to the search engine site and look for a link called 'add URL' or 'add website

Please note that a search engine might take 4 to 6 weeks to list your website in its index so please be patient.

To check if your website is listed in a search engine you may run the following query in the search engine.

Site:followed by your web address

For example if you want to check if is indexed in Google then you can go to Google and search

The other way to get your WebPages indexed faster in search engines is to use webmaster tools for Google, yahoo and msn and use sitemaps. The things are explained in other tutorials on our website SEO section. You may explore them for more information.

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