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Website owners have been using Google and yahoo webmaster tolls from a while now. MSN has also announced the public opening of its own webmaster tool. Although it’s not yet as powerful as the Google webmaster tool, it is quite useful to start with.

The tool can be accessed from following url.

Right now the msn webmaster provided following services to website owners.

  1. You can submit your website to msn search engine so that it starts indexing your website. This is for free; you don’t have to pay anything for this.
  2. You must have a msn username and password to login to msn webmaster tools, once you login to it, you can add you website and then provide the location of your site map using http://yourwebsite_address/sitemap.xml

This will ensure that msn knows about all the WebPages that your website contains.

3.If you add more links on your website you can resubmit the sitemap by login to webmaster and then going to url[Your sitemap web address]

4) Before adding your website you need to add a xlm file by the name LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml in your web server root directly. You will be given the contents of this file when you add your website to webmaster central first time. Just copy and paste it in a notepad and save the notepad as “LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml”. This will make a xml file which should be put into the root directory of your web server.

  1. You will be able to see if any WebPages from your website are blocked in live search.
  2. Domain rank of your website will be visible from the main console.
  3. You will be  able to see total number of indexed pages along with top WebPages from your website in the console.

Msn is working on many more features which will be added in near future. So go and explore the webmaster world at

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