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Google and yahoo have got their own webmaster tools for the website owners to manage their websites. You can submit your websites using these tools to get them indexed in Google and yahoo search engines faster and to know any potential issues in indexing your websites with these search engines. Let’s discuss both these tools in details.

Google webmaster tools:-

You can access the Google webmaster tolls from the below mentioned link.

You need a Google account (gmail, orkut etc) to login to this tool. By far Google provided the best and most powerful webmaster toll than any other search engine. Once you login to the tool you can do some of the following things.

  1. You can add you website so that it can be managed by the tool.
  2. Once you add your website you need to verify your website. By verifying your site you can access comprehensive statistics and crawl errors about the pages in your site. Even If you're unable to verify, you can still use the webmaster tools, submit Sitemaps, and see detailed information about those Sitemaps as well as basic information about your site. It’s good if you verify your website.

Google offer two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name Google specify, or you can add a meta tag to your site's index file.
A good method is to upload a HTML file. If you select this option then you will be given a html file name, just create an html file with same name and upload it to the root directory of your website.

  1. Once your site is verified and added you can see the top search queries that returned your website pages.
  2. You can submit a sitemap to summit all your website URLs to Google
  3. You can see the pages from  your website which are indexed in Google
  4. You can see the last time when Google crawled your website and if there were any errors during crawling of your website.
  5. There are many other features out there. Just go and explore them


You can submit your website URL to Google from

Google site status wizard can be used check if your site is being spidered by Google. This tool can be access from

Yahoo webmaster tools:-

Yahoo also has a website for webmasters although not as powerful as Google still provides some good basic functionality.

First there is a submit link where you can submit your website to yahoo for free to get your website indexed in yahoo database. The link is

Then there is a report spam link to repot any spans. Remember that you don’t submit your competitors as spammers as they can also do the same to you. The link can be access from

The webmaster tools of yahoo which is called yahoo site explorer can be access from

Here you can add your website and then get it authenticated using the same two methods that Google provides i.e. using a metatag on your homepage or by uploading a page given by yahoo on the root directory of your website.
Once your website is listed you can do the following

  1. click the explore button against your website to see the web pages from your website which are indexed in yahoo
  2. You can see the back links i.e. the WebPages which provides link to your website. You can even report them as spam if you want. The quality and accuracy of back links shown by yahoo is better than Google webmaster tool.
  3. By clicking on the explore button against your website you can submit the sitemap of your website. To know more about sitemaps and how to create one you can browse through SEP section of

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