Wireless-configuring WPA witH LEAP

Platform: - Cisco 1100 and 1200 wireless access point, Cisco IOS,
Keywords: - configuring WPA with LEAP, Cisco ACS, Broadcast SSID
Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

The configuration is same as LEAP with 802.1X, (refer to article wireless-configuring LEAP with 802.1x) only change the following settings on wireless AP using http://IP_of_AP
Click on security---SSID manager.

Under authentication settings

Click open authentication and select with EAP in drop down menu as shown in fig-1.

Check network EAP.

Under authenticated key management

Select mandatory in drop down menu of key management and click on WPA as shown in fig -1


configuring WPA witH LEAP


Now let’s see the laptop or client side configuration. Here we have Cisco Aironet utility installed on the laptop
Open Cisco aironet desktop utility and click on profile management. Give a profile name and add the SSID which you created while configuring wireless AP.

Now click the security tab of the profile and select WPA and select LEAP from drop down menu as shown in fig-2.After that click on configure

configuring WPA witH LEAP


When you click on configure, the window shown in fig-3 appears. Select manually prompt LEAP username and password and no network connection until user is logged in as shown below. The below configuration is required when you want to use Cisco ACS username and password

configuring WPA witH LEAP


That’s it .You are all set and logged into the wireless network

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