difference between Checkpoint VPN-1 power and vpn-1 utm

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Platform: - checkpoint R61, R62, UTM, VPN-1,
Keywords: - : diff between checkpoint VPN-1 power and VPN-1 UTM, Max concurrent connections supported, max throughput supported
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Author: - Dinesh Aggarwal

This article explains the diff between VPN-1 power and UTM. This is not an exhausted list but will provide a fair idea about the difference between the two and the different platforms on which checkpoint can be installed with their limitations.

Checkpoint UTM and express are same. Previously UTM was called express.

Antivirus and anti spy ware is supported on UTM not Power.

VPN-1 Power

Power with some platforms (IBM 3050 and IBM 3060) can go up to 12 Gbps of speed.
Power has additional configuration options like capacity planning, in the properties of the gateway. Refer fig-1, fig-2, fig-3 and fig-4

Checkpoint VPN-1 power and vpn-1 utm


Max concurrent connections can go up to 1.7 millions with 12 Gbps throughput. This capacity planning option doesn’t come with VPN-1UTM installed.Following options are not visible with UTM. Refer fig-2.

Checkpoint VPN-1 power and vpn-1 utm

Fig-2- SAM

Checkpoint VPN-1 power and vpn-1 utm

Fig-3 connection persistency

Checkpoint VPN-1 power and vpn-1 utm

Fig-4 Sync Defender

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