Configuring system failure notifications in Nokia - checkpoint

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This document explains the procedure for configuring system failure notification in Nokia box used for checkpoint firewall. We will be configuring the mail relay and then failure notification part.
Failure notification is send in case any of the below conditions are met:

i> Crashing of daemons (snmpd, ipsrd, ifm, xpand) and

ii> System reboot that results from a fatal error

Mail Relay

Email relay allows you to send email from the firewall. You can send email interactively or from a script. The email is relayed to a mail hub that then sends the email to the final recipient.
Mail relay is used as an alerting mechanism when a Check Point FireWall-1 rule is triggered. It is also used to email the system administrator the results of cron jobs.

Nokia IPSO supports the following mail relay features:

-Presence of a mail client or Mail User Agent (MUA) that can be used interactively or from a Script
- Presence of a sendmail-like replacement that relays mail to a mail hub by using SMTP
- Ability to specify the default recipient on the mail hub

Nokia IPSO does not support the following mail relay features:

- Support for incoming email
-Support for mail transfer protocols other than outbound SMTP.
- Ability to telnet to port 25
-Support for email accounts other than admin or monitor

Configuring Mail Relay

To configure mail relay for your firewall
1. Open the nokia firewall from browser using http://ip_address_of_firewall.
2. Click Mail Relay under Configuration > System Configuration in the tree view.
3. Enter either the IP address or hostname of the email server that relays outgoing email in the mail Server text box.
3. Enter the username on the mail server to which mail addressed to admin or monitor is sent in the Remote User text box; then click Apply.
4. Click Save to make your changes permanent.

System Failure Notification

This procedure describes how to set your system to send email to one or more people when a system failure occurs. Separate multiple email addresses by spaces.

To configure failure notification
1. Click System Failure Notification under Configuration > System Configuration in the tree view.
2. Click On next to Enable Failure Notification.
3. Click Apply.
4. Enter the email address of the people you want to notify in the event of a system failure, and then click Apply.

Examples of a system failure include crashing daemons (snmpd, ipsrd, ifm, xpand) and a
system reboot that results from a fatal error.

In a system failure notification, the following information appears:
- System information
- Image information
-Crash information
- Crash trace
5. To make your changes permanent, click Save.

Sending Mail

To send mail from the firewall
1. Log in to the firewall as either the admin or monitor user.
2. At the prompt, type the mail command, followed by a space, and the username of the

mail username@hostname

3. Type the subject of your message at the subject prompt; then press Enter.
4. Type your message; then press Enter.
5. When you finish typing your message, type a period on an empty line; then press Enter.
Your message is sent.

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